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So what exactly do we sell?

Well, comics, obviously. We carry a full line of Marvel, DC, Image, Dark Horse and several other independent and small press comics. We have a small but growing Manga section. We don't carry everything in the Previews catalog, but can certainly order it for you if it's not something we normally stock.

Beyond comics we carry card games (Magic: The Gathering; Yu Gi Oh, etc.); Miniature Games (Heroclix, Mechwarrior, Star Wars); Posters; Action Figures; T-Shirts; Role Playing Games and card and comic collecting supplies (bags, boards and boxes).

We've recently added a great new product to our supplies. If you've got limited space and a lot of comics, you should consider Drawer Boxes. These nifty boxes can be stacked 6 high and still allow access to the bottom box. They're that strong. Come in and check them out for yourself.

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